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Being in the State of Stillness

My friend, my sister, and I were in Chicago last September for my birthday. There was a lot to explore, but one of the things that stood out to me was how the trees thrived in a city of hustle. That should be the last thing I was thinking about, but always wonder how something out of its element can thrive just as well as in the wild.

So I sat on the bench in a park, became one with the tree, and became still amongst the noise. I let my mind roam like a bird flying from wall to wall first. Then I observed the thoughts that came up and simply noted them. Then my negative thoughts pass by like a gust of wind that sweeps away dirt. Seeds of doubt, anxiety, and fears, that have turned into oak trees, are uprooted.

At the same time, the healing waters flow through my mind with fewer restrictions. It replenishes things that belong inside me to grow even higher than my pessimistic emotions. I am experiencing moments of everything that passes me, everything that approaches me, everything that is a part of this world that reveals itself. I do not retreat entirely into my headspace since life outside my senses is just as powerful. These lessons are making my foundation immovable, my growth to the sun unshakable, and resilient against obstacles that crush me.

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