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The Loose Woman's Sanctuary was founded by social activist and domestic abuse survivor Mantra Lotus. Inspired by her mission to help other women overcome trauma and gender-based captivity, Mantra shared remnants of her history of abuse and struggle for independence in her book Brownslip, A Loose Woman's Memoir. Although Brownslip provides a great source of healing and reflection, Mantra felt that it does not completely tackle the issues that women from traumatic pasts face.  The Loose Woman's Sanctuary offers an individualized approach within a fully functioning platform for women to heal.  Equipped with a network of powerful women who have overcome adversities and who are professionally able to mentor, assist and provide tangible movement for other women. Our program consists of  Licensed Therapists, Spiritualists, Wellness Practitioners, Business Consultants, Financial Advisors, and Goddesses who know how to problem solve and get the job done. We are aware of how debilitating pain can be. We have experienced it. We understand how self-doubt can take over if the proper self-love language is not spoken. We know how important heart healing is and that facing some of the most devastating experiences can be frightening. However, through experience, we recognize that the veil must be lifted. The truth must be exposed in order to confront it.  No one said it would be easy, on the contrary, it may be excruciating, but healing is necessary change. Becoming who you are meant to be, is a necessary change. Removing all that does not belong to you is a necessary change.  We are all blessed to be on this journey.

Let's get LOOSE. 

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