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5 Step Process of Manifesting

Here at The Loose Woman's Sanctuary we follow a 5 Step Process of Manifesting.

Step 1: Surrender: Let Go. Be prepared to let go of all that no longer serves you. Release addictions, bad habits and even people from your life.

Step 2: Commune: Acknowledge that you are not alone. Connect with all that does serve you. God and the Universe offer the ultimate source of help.

Step 3: Prayer: Ask for what you want and need. You now have the attention of your Ancestors, Spirit Guides and the Super Creator inside; yourself. Be specific about your goals and dreams.

Step 4: Receive: Believe it or not this can be the most difficult step, yet most transforming. Receive your blessings! Understand that you are worthy and deserving of blessings. and true happiness.

Step 5: Gratitude: Show that you are grateful for your gifts. Grateful to be chosen, and specifically selected to be a blessing to others. 

Our Belief: Who We Are
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