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Your Challenger Deep Starry Mysteries

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

What stars do you want to shoot for? First, we must build a foundation, and that starts with something that is presumably unsteady: water. Even within the depths of the Challenger Deep, you are just as worthy, and as in control of the oceans you are swimming in. The stars are light-years away, but you must find a foundation within the fluidity of H2O. Second, you must realize the waters are where you can also find unimaginable wonders. Third, within a wild, seemingly ungrounded element, that’s where you can revisit a long-forgotten friend. Now hear me out, it is easier said than done, but when accepting your ability to thrive, and let go of your shockwaves, you finally make waves, and become the masters of your own seas. And that helps you gain an upper hand over even more daunting challenges when you soar even beyond the universe: your mysteries that stay silent but support you regardless.

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