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Let’s Revisit My Struggles

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

There are times when we have negative thoughts, positive thoughts, and somewhere in between. In this world, though, our minds are plagued by mostly negative thoughts, and a good amount of these negative thoughts serve no purpose for us in everyday life. Worries, doubts, fears...We know that these are not true statements, we say to ourselves. However, we are not equipped to handle them accordingly.

Speeches, poems, videos... All documentation of your experiences, and pains when you feel you are rising out of the pit. You know it, you feel it! But then there is a plateau in the grand scheme. And then you ask yourself, "What is the meaning of all this documentation that I want nothing to do with?"

The key behind it all is this: we want everything to do with the "garbage pile thoughts," buried and forgotten ideas, brainstorm scribbles, and nippy mind chatter. Within this treasure trove are grand schemes, enormous pictures, and ideas that can literally turn into skyscrapers.

The mind is a major key to success. You record, and keep emotions in check by journaling the pit in your stomach when you run errands with a million other people. You create a portfolio of your chronic health conditions that may help someone who is going through something similar. Your fears and doubts are described as constantly trying to swim to the top, that would, ironically, belong in a beautiful, and intricate poem. Your videos reflect a metaphorical deep dive into the subconscious to get to the root cause of indecisiveness. And then you realize that you are uniting with yourself again.

Analyzing different behaviors, and thoughts in your psyche can help you become more equipped, confident, and brave enough to face new challenges in your life. It brings awareness and mindfulness. But most importantly, it brings on a beautiful journey: self-mastery.

Credit: Unknown

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