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Realizations Are Superpowers Too

Each realization on your path is a newfound superpower. An upgrade. Taking it to the next level. Yes, you read right. In this blog post, I will demonstrate how.

Your path, being your career path, spiritual path, or your overall life path is different from mine or anyone else’s. At the same time, there may be foundation realizations that are similar to everybody else’s.

For example, you trip and fall metaphorically. It may be a traumatic life event, it may be an argument with someone you trust, it may be an enemy new or old, etc. However, you keep going as you regain strength. You may get up and run, you may get up and walk, or you crawl, to get to your destination. You may take a detour, you may take the original path, you may go backward even, but at the end of the day good, bad, in between your realization is taking you where you need to be. And your realizations are made of a different foundation compared to the next person. The start is the same and the continuation may be different.

Your realization is your “aha” moment and the moment is the most important. It brings power into your life to set sail. Your compass stops spinning as if you are no longer in the Bermuda Triangle, no longer lost in a sea of complete blindness. That realization is your moment in time and space where even though the next moment the compass goes haywire, you have an idea, and that is all that matters.

The next step to consider is downloads. Downloads have a lot of buzz behind them but we’re all doing so without even realizing it. Realizations are downloads. The more downloads, the more it descends into a vibratorial state of realizations. The more you realize certain workings of life, the more you realize who you are. You integrate your personality, and your rejected traits, and you heal parts of yourself that need work.

To continue with this idea of knowing who you are, you also realize that while you are walking the earth finding your philosopher’s stone, or your slice of pie from the heavens, being human isn’t bad. There is so much to life that you create and it doesn't have to be in an existing paradigms. We can have and continue to create and upgrade paradigms that can be the next best thing for yourself, those around you, or even the world. But always remember, realizations are the start of everything that matters to the all.

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