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Abundant Mindset Affirmation

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

I am a limitless being.

I can manifest whatever I put in my mind too.

I possess an abundant mindset.

I do not know lack.

I am limitless.

My success has no bounds.

My dreams are just the veil of my reality.

I can manifest whatever I desire in the physical reality.

I am limitless and boundless.

I am more than capable of accomplishing insurmountable success.

There is no glass ceiling even the ground beneath me is weightless because my ancestors lift and hold me up. I float on their aspirations, work, and prayers.

I am my family’s manifested destiny.

I am the unstoppable legacy.

I am limitless and boundless, and capable of doing ALL things.

There are no shackles and I am not caged.

I am free flowing, self-governing and full of choice.

I am the BLUEPRINT to endless success; equipped with an infinite abundant mindset.


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