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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

What's your definition of life?

Is it breathing, existing, being present in the moment? Or having friends, family and things that represent your life? Or having friends, family and things that define your life?

Are you waking up in the morning to just (wake up) and sleeping at night to just (sleep)?

Each moment of life should be one of intention: To intentionally fulfill your life with (LIFE)

And it’s effortless.

Living-breathing within the dreams and possibilities of your life..fully participating in the opportunities, Intentionally fulfilling your days and nights with adventure, with mental stimulation, with creativity and happiness.

And it is effortless.

Life does not have to be hard..unless you expect it to be. Yes, there are mountains on the journey..but have you ever been rock climbing? Have you ever watched a wild goat climb a really steep cliff? They climb in the winter, teetering over slippery slopes, intentionally rising and overcoming- for the adventure. For the breeze and purer air. For the reward of rich salt minerals that lie on the higher rocks. They shed their heavy coats, and relax and wait for spring to begin their walk back down. Then Basking and frolicking in the Summer Sun until it’s time to do it all over again.

And it is easy for them to do so. That in itself is a metaphor for how life should and could be.

Our come to clarity moment is!

I live an intentionally fulfilling, effortless life.

It is natural for me to do so. I inhale and exhale the rewards and struggles of life..because it is a necessary part of fulfilling my purpose of life.

I Enjoy LIFE!

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