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What is your work ethic?

This post is brought to you from the "Hello Goddesses Podcast". Episode: "What is your work ethic?" Listen or read the following transcript.

Do you work hard? Or does your work, work hard for you? And we have all heard this one..or are you hardly working?

What is your productivity level? Is your input more than your output? Is the amount of work that you put into a project more than what you benefit from it?

And how much time are you dedicating to your work? Would you say 50%? 80, 10%?

Are there distractions interfering with your input therefore your output is inconsistent or poor.

And what about your Product? Are you manufacturing a good quality product?

Let’ talk about our Work Ethic.. shall we?

Step 1– What is your work? What are you currently doing that is bringing in revenue that will better your life and help you achieve your goals? And understand that your “WORK” should be the bridge-way to your happiness. Our jobs and careers may not always be satisfactory, or our life’s purpose, but they are vehicles to our destination…So maintain your focus on your Ultimate Life Goals. Your dreams, aspirations, and purpose out of life-That is your WORK; put forth tangible effort to monetize that.

Step 2– Once you have defined your is your productivity level? How much time are you dedicating to your work? For 3 days, keep a tally of your clock-in hours. Clocking in means-no 20 min social media breaks every 40 mins. No overthinking or underthinking yourself out of “Clocking In”. Clock in and keep a record of your performance.

Step 3-Now that you’ve “Clocked in” and are putting in the time and effort to develop your product. What’ the quality like? The quality of your product determines your longevity in the market. Pay attention to detail. No rushing. And make sure you have a complete product. If your product is underdeveloped, it may lengthen the path to your goals. Our product is our legacy. So you want to make sure that it is incubated properly.

Step 4– Never stop completing Steps 1, 2, 3! Recap- 1. Know your Work. 2. Clock in (do the work)- 3. Your finished product is your legacy—so pay attention to what you put out.

Our come to clarity moment is...

I have a Strong Work Ethic

I know what my Work is. I am dedicated to creating a quality product. I utilize my time wisely to ensure the certainness of my success.

My success is measured by what I am able to do for myself with my work. My work helps me to achieve my life’s purpose. Ultimately, I am my own boss. My company, my work, and my product is myself.

I “clock in” for myself and continue to learn how to make my company better. My work is proficient and my product is a masterpiece.

I have a strong work ethic.


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